Asylum 7"EP 2013

by Juggling Jugulars

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Recorded 13.10.2012 at Soundwall Studio by S.Jormanainen.
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released January 1, 2013



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Juggling Jugulars Finland

Been around since 1989.
Melodic but powerful DIY-punk/hc from Finland.



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Track Name: Asylum
I want something beautiful (like a political asylum)
for these desperate times (I want something beautiful)
A center for coming together (I want something beautiful)
politics and laughter (I want something beautiful)

A place to talk and dance (I want something beautiful)
without someone making money (I want something beautiful)
An autonomist social center (I want something beautiful)
a little hope for this ugly town (I want something beautiful)

The beauty of civil resistance
The beauty of people taking back their lives
The beauty of not giving up
The beauty of celebrating our differences.
Track Name: Birth Hell Death
Why should they be born at all to this man-made hell?
No life to look forward to just birth, hell and death.

Birth - Hell - Death.

What is the reason for their existence?
Subdued in total isolation,
we supress their true nature.
Track Name: How Long Should We Be Laughing?
Stupid blogs in the social media;
half humour, half true.
When these bastards get in power
this humour becomes reality!
They make racist laws.
They make a fucking difference.
So how long should we be laughing?
How long should we be laughing?
Track Name: Children Of The Cold War
Reagan sent american humanity back to the stoneage.
The Iron Lady taught us that cruelty is not only mens privilege.
Comrades destroyed workers, heritage for decades to come
and together they wanted to drop that fucking A-bomb!

The bombs are still here and starvation is not over.
All these useless animal-experiments, all pigs getting slaughtered
Old leaders are gone now, so who is to blame?
Smash the state, eat the rich - those sentiments remain the same!

We grew up in the shadow of the threat of nuclear war,
dark mushroom clouds were present everywhere.
It was all about war and nothing but war
And we will remain the children of the cold war.